My Mirror

                                    by J.G.P.

In my mirror, I can see my self

The way I am, as it was meant to be

If the light is not right, a change is easy

For what my mirror reflects, is only for me to see

Perhaps some cloth of a different color

May change the look and help to hide

The emptiness that I feel inside

But standing there, I see myself

I can not change a single thing

For the past reflects only to one

What their future will bring

Youth and strength, I too once knew

But my mirror seems not to care

It only reveals what it can see

Even if its a dishearten stare

My mirror tells me no lies

It sometimes laughs, and often cries

It does not see the need in me

Should I let it go, or just let it be?

A mirror will always be the same

Whoever stands there, is the one to blame

If you can not see, what you want to see

You may borrow my mirror from me

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