For Your Ears Only

I found one earring in my couch today-
   with a silver wire and black beads that away,
I thought it might belong to my admirer...
   Lisa, my friend, my poetic desire...
Could it be her right?
                  Or could it be her left?
It was just left... and that was not right!
If it were found by some other.....You would be missing your brother!
For it is hard to explain to a girlfriend, I'll not name,
   Just "how did THAT get there?"...
                    and just, "who" owns THAT ear?"
If there WERE two I'd not feel so blue...
I would wrap them and mail them away
With a card that would say,
How I miss you a lot,,, but it seems you forgot.
The next time, I will look harder....and make sure you bother,
to leave with both ears attached, and earrings that match...

 you might be missing a brother!

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