Lips and Kisses

Lips and Kisses
                                      by John G. Peters

I found lips an kisses when I came home
Some were on the mirror,
                              and some were on the phone;
One was even on the microwave... which made me think
Should I warm this one up? (It was already Hot Pink!)

I searched the whole house, looking for more
None were on the ceiling,
                                 and none were on the floor.
I dashed into the bedroom hoping to find another...
There upon the mirror were lips that could smother.

I had to figure out who was going through this phase,
More lips than I could count left me in a tender daze!
If I were to get this one wrong, I'd never get the candy.
So many sweet lips, 
        .............I just knew that they must belong to Sandy!

Poems for the Joy of It    JGP92

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