0n a full moon night,
     When no clouds are near,
          I search for a face
                In the moon I hold dear.

Each time there is a new look,
     Which seems never to repest
          Then the moon brings me my joy,
                when the cycle is complete.

In each smile a faint grin,
     That I may choose to find,        
           I search for a new look
                that may perhaps be kind.

As it hangs there aloft,
     in the darkness of space,
          I wonder if there are others
                gazing at my moons face.

This great clock of nature
     Times that all exist,
           From the ebb of the tides
               to a lovers first kiss.

Now, conquered by man,
      Who h as spoiled it's beauty,
           yet still the mon glows bright,
                 to continue with it's duty.

Should others gaze up,
    At my moons mystical face,
         and seal a lover's kiss,
                with a passionate embrace.

Let my moon be their beacon,
     It's spell, all should emoloy,
           Never question it's power
                  for it has brought me my joy


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