Merlin's Poem

Merlin's Poem

I don't need anybody messing with my head
 to tell you just why this poem must be read

I have all of my needs,
                my horse,
                       my drums
                               my spurs
 I don't need a partner and I don't need another her.

For 13 years my horse was all I need.
Barebacked or with saddle, there was no better steed

If I was sober or drunk He never gave me any sass...
He knows just what to do....
                                          (just haul my bony ass.)

Wherever I left him, there he would stay,
As I sowed my oats, he waited for his bale of hay.

I sang him many songs, to see if they were good
He would say, "It's just fine."
(If he could talk, he would!)

I don't have to tell him what he should do
We both think the same...(if you only knew)

When I read him this poem, as I look him in the eyes,
We will both share our love and perhaps a good cry

There's pride in our stride as w  ride into the wind
The Grimm reaper will never catch us....
Will this magic ever end?

Poem by JGP

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